The Lock-In Summer 18- Making biz fun!

1. Date and Location:
‪June 1‬ & 2, 2018 in Miami, FL (Friday and Saturday)


2. What is "The Lock-In"?
The Lock-In is a 2-day event where CEO'S like yourself come and I help you start and grow you business. Everything is done on-site. The Lock-In is kept small and intimate so I can spend one-on-one time with each CEO to help with their business. You will also get a chance to bounce your ideas off the other entrepreneurs that's there.


3. Is there a difference between The Girl Grotto Lock-In" and a traditional conference?
Yes, absolutely! At a traditional conference there is a panel of speakers that cover a large range of topics, they tend to be very generic and one size fit all due to the massive amount of attendees.
The Lock-In is intended to be very intimate to give you a more personalized experience. We only invite a hand full of the best #girlbosses who's ready to transform their business and take it to the next level! At The Lock-In we will dig into your business, fix issues and put proper systems in place that will help make you money. So it's like being on a business coaching call with me except you have a few other ladies joining in.


4. Who is The Lock-In for?
-A new business owner.
-A seasoned business owner but your business is profiting like you want it to.
-Someone who is VERY clear on what business they want to open but not sure on where to start in opening a biz.


5. What can I expect?
To work HARD to get your biz where it need to be within the short 48hrs time frame, so I do ask that phone calls are kept to a minimum and idle chatter kept to a minimum. We will have breaks for that. Grinding will be on a level 20 and we will be drilling through a lot of content so you may want to be well rested as well. Be ready to create lead pages if need be set up lead magnets to get email onto your list, be ready to do whatever it takes to grow your biz. Most of all you will meet some good Business Besties so get ready!


6. What does Chelsea expect from me?
Have an open mind, be open to constructive criticism and, be a FAST ACTION taker. No lazy lollygaggers allowed. The goal is to dig in and create a solid money making biz. The process will take time but you will leave with a custom blueprint so it's up to you at the end to leave and implement everything suggested. No negativity.


7. What am I responsible for?
You are responsible for your food, transportation, and hotel. Bring your laptop or Tablet, you will need it.