Who we are

Meet the founder

Hey! I'm Chelsea Jackson, the creator of The Girl Grotto which was created December 31, 2015. This community was created in order to provide female entrepreneurs with the business and marketing knowledge that I've has gained over the years through a combination of my tenure in Corporate America and college studying Marketing and International Business. I have experienced great success throughout my career and was known as "the fixer" by turning locations around from low profit to earning six figures monthly in profit and growing total accounts well into 7- figures. I also had to step in, identify issues that prevented the company from profiting and operating effectively and put systems in place to fix the problem. This included but not limited to, HR Issues, team building and training. I have 10 years combined experience with on the job training as well as formal education. I've spent years advising friends and family in their businesses that got RESULTS, and now I'd love to help you with yours!

What we do

Keep it simple

Profit building- We identify factors that are preventing your business from maximizing profit. Then, we will create a plan to fix the issue. We help you monotize and create money making systems to put into place to put your business in the position to constantly generate cash.


Marketing & Branding Strategy- We offer assistance with creating an effective marketing plan to increase sales. We help identify your target audience. We also specialize in helping to build social media presence.


Small Business Development Consulting- We cover a wide range from helping you grow your business from the beginning stages to helping mature small businesses pinpoint problems such as cash flow issues, Human Resource issues, decrease in sales, and identify the cracks in your daily operations that is preventing you business from running efficiently. Then we will create a realistic solution and put the right systems in place.